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From the moment you walk into the offices at the Rox Cancer Center you will experience our first class personalized treatment. We motivate and inspire healthy fulfilled lives. Every patient is unique and every treatment plan must be specifically tailored to achieve our goal of a cure. The Rox Cancer Center team of caring surgeons, healthcare professionals, and support staff deliver the best possible surgical results that can be safely achieved........more

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Dr. Travis Kidner

Dr. Kidner is a Surgical Oncologist and a General Surgeon certified by the American Board of Surgery. He completed an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Pre-Medicine at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He then went to the University of Cincinnati where he obtained a medical degree. Dr. Kidner discovered a passion for the care of cancer patients while working in the research laboratories at the University of Cincinnati. Upon completion of his medical degree, Dr.Kidner began his General Surgery training at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia........