Santa Monica

Our clinical office is located at the corner of 20th Street and Arizona Avenue in Santa Monica, CA. (you will find it at the northwest corner of the St. John’s Health Center complex). Valet parking is available which we will validate for up to two hours of free parking.

Beverly Hills

The majority of our operations are performed as an outpatient basis at the now famous Roxbury Clinic and Surgery Center located in the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills. It serves as the flagship location of the Roxbury Surgical Associates and provides a comfortable setting for our patients. State of the art equipment, a friendly helpful staff, and decor by Faye Resnick make this the top of the line in surgical care facilities. The elegant penthouse setting affords extraordinary views of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and the Hollywood Hills. The Hollywood sign is even visible from the beautiful corner consultation office.

The Roxbury Clinic & Surgery Center is located at the corner of N. Roxbury Drive (one-way street heading north) and South Santa Monica Blvd ("Little Santa Monica"). Our parking structure is located on South Santa Monica Blvd. between Linden Drive and Roxbury Drive. Valet parking is available. We do not validate. However, 1-hour free public parking is available on Bedford Drive one block east and 2-hours free public parking is available on Camden Drive two blocks east.

In addition we have privileges to operate at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Marina Del Rey Hospital.